Coarse Mash: A complete feed containing cracked corn, sorghum, wheat, meatmeal, black sunflower, vitamins and minerals as well as molasses.

Standard Mash: A complete feed finer in appearance to coarse mash and contains milled corn, cracked wheat and sorghum, protein meal, meatmeal vitamins and minerals.

Fine laying mash: A complete feed which is all fine and contains milled corn, sorghum, wheat, millrun, meatmeal and vitamins and minerals.

17% Layer: A complete feed which is high in protein designed for increased egg production. Contains cracked corn, sorghum and wheat, meatmeal, cotton seed meal and vitamins and mineral.

Mixed Grain: A blend of 4 grains. Contains cracked corn, sorghum wheat and grey stripe sunflower.

Growing mash: A complete feed for growing hens from the ages of approximately 7 weeks to 14 weeks.

Custom blend: If a customer needs a specific custom blend for poultry then contact us for more information.