Loose mixed supplements: Our speciality is custom mixed loose supplements. Urea based licks for the dry season or phosphorous based for the wet season. Using quality protein meals and raw products sourced from within Australia and from overseas we can cater to almost any need. Contact our friendly team for more information.

Molasses Concentrates:  The benefits of the energy from molasses with the protein from urea and meals. An excellent alternative to loose licks.

Grain based licks: Whether it be calves, weaners or late in the dry season a grain based feed can provide many benefits.

Phosphorous : Fed during the wet season to provide increased calving rates, higher birth weights and many additional benefits phosphorous is essential to the Northern cattle industry. A loose lick containing phosphorous can be tailored to suit almost all locations and operations.

Protein meals and Grains: Protein meals cotton seed meal, copra meal and palm kernel meal are in stock. As well as grains corn, sorghum and wheat. Other meals and grains available just contact us to enquire about price and availability.